The Cat's Return

One of my cats, Bryce, fell out of a window in my apartment on Monday while I was 2,000 miles away on vacation.  I found out only because my kind neighbor witnessed the event and called my landlord, who then called me.  Apparently the screen was loose and fell out, allowing him to land safely; but then he went missing.

To make a long story short, all of the available forces were gathered and set to the task of looking for Bryce in my absence.  At first I wasn’t too worried; I even joked about it, wondering what wild adventures he might be having.  But as the hours wore on with no news, I became increasily anxious.  You can imagine the thoughts I was having: what if I never saw my dear kitty again??

Mars rules both Scorpio on the Ascendant and Aries on the sixth house cusp.  The sixth house signifies animals smaller than goats and is therefore the key to judgment.  As the querent I can make do with the Moon as my significator, so Mars gets assigned to the cat.


There is an immediately applying opposition between the Moon (at 24.45 Scorpio) and Mars (at 24.59 Taurus), with major mutual reception (the Moon loves Mars, Mars exalts the Moon).  This was encouraging!  Even though the aspect was an opposition, I believed the mutual reception was testimony of Bryce’s safe return.  I hoped I might even hear some news within the hour.


And that is exactly what happened.  At 6:46 p.m. I received the happy news that Bryce had been found and was home safe.  What a relief!!!  Indeed, this news seemed miraculous after a day of fearing the worst.


It is good to know that the opposition held no negative implications in this context.  The aspect perfects, the cat returns: that is that.  What a happy ending!


Bryce, the errant cat, appears above (photo by my daughter) and below (photos by me). Photos updated Jan 2020.