Heartbreak for the Badgers

Badger fans have begun a slow convalescence from last night’s disappointing loss to Duke in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final.  Because of my emotional investment as a fan, I didn’t study the charts until today.  Now that I have, I’d like to share them with you.  There are some powerful testimonies here!


The first chart is for tip-off, which was 9:18 p.m. EDT in Indianapolis, Indiana:

The Badgers were favored by Vegas to win, so they get the first and tenth houses and their respective lords, Mars and the Sun.  The Duke Blue Devils get the seventh and fourth houses and their lords, Venus and Saturn.


There is one definitive testimony in this chart.  You’ll miss it if you don’t routinely calculate antiscia.  Venus, signifying Duke, sits closely on the tenth house cusp by antiscion.  This shows us that Duke is in control of Wisconsin’s prize.  Venus also applies to conjunct Fortuna bodily, within the range of five degrees we use for basketball games.  Conjunctions to Fortuna or its antiscion are key testimonies to look for in sports event charts.


Notice that Mars, signifying Wisconsin, is four degrees within the seventh house cusp.  This is a bit out of range for the rule of ‘a planet inside a house is controlled by that house’, but only a bit.  Usually we limit this to two or three degrees.  I wouldn't have judged on this alone, but it sure isn't encouraging.


I had also asked a horary question about the game, earlier in the day while en route out of town.  I took a brief look at the chart before the game but then set it aside, unable to be objective given how badly I wished for the Badgers to win.  Here it is, set for 9:17 a.m. CDT in Gurnee, Illinois:

The Badgers are signified by Lord 1, Mercury.  Lord 10, Saturn, signifies their success. Lord 7, Jupiter, signifies the Blue Devils and Lord 4, the Sun, their success.


One testimony tells the story here:  Mercury, signifying the Badgers, is combust!  With Mercury peregrine this can only be Very Bad.  The combustion is more than enough testimony by itself, but look how Mercury is besieged here, sitting between this exalted Sun and the South Node.  I believe Uranus is important here, too, when considering the Sun as Lord 4.  Uranus is the sky god in mythology, representing all potential.  I could be wrong about this, but it's as if Uranus packs an extra punch against Mercury here in combination with this very strong Sun.  


Such a heartbreaking loss this was!  These Badgers are a great team of players who worked hard, fought hard, and embodied integrity on and off the court.  May time provide them with the solace they need to put this year’s accomplishments into better perspective.  On, Wisconsin!