Two charts, one great win!

I have two charts to share, both from last night’s exciting basketball semifinal between the Wisconsin Badgers and the Kentucky Wildcats in the NCAA tournament.   The first is a contest horary and the second an event chart.  This was a high-stakes game, the winner advancing to the NCAA men’s basketball final tomorrow night.  Kentucky was undefeated going into the game and heavily favored.

I’m a nervous nelly to begin with, but I’m much worse during big games.  Sometimes I get so worked up that I can’t even watch!   Did I really want to know ahead of time if the Badgers were going to lose???  I finally decided to ask the horary question yesterday afternoon.  Here’s the chart, cast for April 4, 2015, 2:54 pm CDT in Milwaukee, WI (Regiomontanus houses):

My Badgers are Lord 1, the Sun.  The Sun is exalted in Aries and sitting just inside the ninth house cusp.  This is a neutral house placement, but the Sun joys in the ninth, giving it a boost.  The Wildcats are Lord 7, Saturn, peregrine and in the angular fourth house.  The fourth is a strong placement, but Saturn is not in the sign on the cusp, which lessens the testimony somewhat.


House placement weighs more heavily than other testimonies in contest horaries.  But my thinking was that an exalted Sun in the house of its joy outweighed the out-of-sign, angular placement of Saturn and signaled a Badgers win.  Given my own nerves and the high stakes of the game, however, I wasn’t about to celebrate just yet!


Now that we know the outcome, I believe we can add two minor testimonies to this judgment.  Lord 10, Venus, signifies Wisconsin’s success.  Venus is in its own sign and strongly placed in the tenth house.  Lord 4, Mars, signifies Kentucky’s success.  By antiscion Mars falls two degrees inside the first house cusp, showing that a Kentucky win is under Wisconsin’s control.


I decided to do an event chart as well, to see if this also showed the Badgers winning.  Sports events charts work only when you get to the final levels of competition, usually championship games and nothing more.  But given that all of basketball fandom in the USA was focused on this game and that no other game was taking place at the same time, I thought it would meet the necessary threshold for the chart to work.


Here it is, set for the actual--not planned--tip-off time of 9:06 pm EDT in Indianapolis, Indiana:

The Wildcats were five-point favorites against the Badgers in Vegas, so they get the first and tenth houses and their rulers, Venus and the Sun, respectively.  Wisconsin gets the seventh and fourth houses and their rulers, Mars and Saturn.  Remember that sports event charts and contest horaries follow a different set of rules.  We can’t mix them up if we want to judge correctly.  Dignity means little to nothing in event charts; what matters is what the Moon is doing.  Aspects to Fortuna are also important.


The Moon makes no aspects bodily in the last ten degrees of Libra.  By antiscion, though, the Moon makes two aspects here.  The first is a square with Saturn, signifying Wisconsin’s success, in five degrees.  Next the Moon makes a sextile to Mars, signifying Wisconsin, in six.  The first aspect may be all that is needed, but the second seems to confirm and emphasize the first.  As both Saturn and Mars ‘belong’ to the Badgers, this is major testimony in their favor.  Add to that Mars’s conjunction with Fortuna: although it is separating, it's close.  This also favors the Badgers.


That’s all easy to say now, 24 hours later.  But at the time, with emotions running so high, I just wasn’t sure!


It’s hard to describe the excitement of watching the Badgers win this game, especially as it was a re-match of last year’s heartbreaking loss to Kentucky at the buzzer.  God knows how long it has been since the Badgers got to the finals of the NCAA tournament.  And if they win against Duke, it will be their first championship since 1941!  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves....


I’ll be back for an analysis of the final game, so please check in again late tomorrow night!  Until then, sports-astrology fans! 


NOTE: This is not my photo, and I do not know who the photographer is.  Credit and kudos to whoever you are--it's a great shot!