And it's another win for the Badgers!

It's March Madness, people!!!  And the Wisconsin Badgers just beat the Arizona Wildcats in an Elite Eight re-match of last year, earning a trip to the Final Four in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament for the second year in a row!!!


As an alumna of Wisconsin, the Badgers are my team.  This morning I asked, "Will we win??" It looked like a pretty clear-cut win for the Badgers to me, but I was nervous enough about the game that I decided not to post a prediction.  Now that the outcome is known and I can breathe again, let's take a look at the chart.

The Badgers are Venus, ruler of Taurus on the first cusp.  Arizona is Mars, ruler of Scorpio on on the seventh cusp.  Essentially they are both strong, because both are in signs they rule.  Accidentally, however, Venus is stronger because it's in the first house, whereas Mars is poorly placed in the twelfth.  Venus in the first house is a major testimony in favor of the Badgers.


I had some concerns, though.  In sports horaries we look also at the tenth and fourth houses, representing each team's prize.  These two houses are much more important in sports event charts than in sports horaries, but they can be important.  Here, the tenth house and its lord, Saturn, signify a Wisconsin win.  The fourth house and its Lord, the Moon, signify an Arizona win.  Lord 4, the Moon, is just inside its own cusp.  I was concerned that this might mean Arizona would control its own destiny, so to speak.  On the other hand, the Moon applies to square Mars, taking it into fall.  This looks a bit like Arizona shooting itself in the foot.


Arizona did make some mistakes, as it turns out, but nothing major.  The Badgers just played better.  The horary chart shows this clearly in the first house placement of Venus.


As a side note, it's interesting that the Badgers' significator is in the fixed earth sign of Taurus.  This fits the way they play: solidly and deliberately.  Similarly, Arizona is a fast-paced team; this fits with Mars' placement in the cardinal fire sign of Aries. 


On to the Final Four, then!  The Badgers will face off against Kentucky in another re-match of last year.  The winner will advance to the championship game on April 6.  Go, Badgers!!!!!