Points of interest - February Full Moon

Let's have a look at today’s Full Moon chart from the standpoint of dignity and reception.  The chart is set for my location of Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

The opposing luminaries fall across the Ascendant/Descendant axis, with Moon on the rising end.  Because these two oppose each other from the middle of Leo and Aquarius, they’re also square by antiscion!  Antiscion Sun falls at 15.13 Scorpio, antiscion Moon at 15.13 Taurus.  Being within the fixed signs adds a certain intensity to the standoff.

Moon and Jupiter are heading to conjunction at the Ascendant.  They both love the Sun, who has no interest in either of them.  Sun is not a happy guy because he’s in detriment and setting. 

Meanwhile, Mercury is retrograde and heading to sextile Saturn.  Their mixed reception is a familiar story by now, and this time Saturn takes Mercury into detriment by aspect as well.  The reception dynamic between them won’t change anytime soon; Mercury will be stuck on Saturn for a few months yet (in real time).

Mars at 17 Pisces is conjunct the North Node (11 Libra), which gives it a boost.  He adores Venus; and Venus adores Venus.

Who’s giving orders to whom in this chart?  Jupiter rules three planets, including Saturn, but Jupiter in turn is ruled by the Sun.  The Sun is ruled by Saturn, which brings us back to Jupiter.  There’s a circular chain of command here which has these three running around in circles!

And that wraps up our brief tour of the February Full Moon!  Please check back in two weeks’ time for the New Moon on February 18th.