Game to Seattle

It’s the Super Bowl, sports fans, and kickoff just took place at 4:31 p.m. Mountain Standard Time!  


Every year I predict a winner using an astrology chart cast for the event.  In order for this to work, one team must be favored by the oddsmakers.  Earlier today the press reported that Vegas was calling PK ('pick-em', meaning even odds), meaning no clear favorite, so no way to determine who gets the first and tenth houses.  BUT! I’ve just checked my sources, and it appears that Seattle had a slim one-point lead just prior to game start. This may not be enough for a valid chart, but because I’m stubborn, I’m going with it.  Here’s the chart:

I have to say first off that this chart is being Very Uncooperative!  Moon is Lord 1, so it can’t play its important role as significator of the flow of events in the game.  But that’s only the first problem.  The placements of Lord 1, Moon, and Lord 7, Saturn, tell us nothing.  (Moon is too far from the Ascendant to be considered angular.)  We can’t look to Fortuna’s dispositor because that is Saturn, already in play.  None of our significators is aspecting anything that matters here.  This chart gives us very little to work with!


But Moon is strong in its own sign of Cancer, I can hear some of you say.  That doesn’t matter according to our reference in these matters: John Frawley’s Sports Astrology, aka The Pink Book.  We forget dignity and reception in sports event charts.  


The Moon’s nodes fall across the MC/IC axis, with North Node conjunct the IC; but that too does not matter.


There are two testimonies that might help us determine the winner, but they contradict each other.  The antiscion of Lord 10, Mars, is 13.58 Libra, just inside the fourth house, New England's prize.  Following the idea that a planet just inside a house is controlled by that house, this looks like testimony for New England.  But on the other hand, Uranus applies to conjunct the MC.  This is supposed to favor the favorites, Seattle.  Hmm, what do we make of this? Mars also applies to oppose Uranus by antiscion, which would argue against Seattle, I would think.


As I have to predict something, okay: I’ll run with Uranus applying to the Midheaven, favoring Seattle.  Seattle will win!


Personally I’d prefer Seattle to win, first because they beat my team, the Green Bay Packers, in a heartbreaking loss in the fourth quarter two weeks ago--but don’t get me going. Second, because I’ve always hated the Patriots!  


Although I'm predicting a Seattle win based on this chart, please understand that it’s worth about two bits more than a flip of a coin given that the odds are nearly even.


Back after the game to discuss the results!


The photo you see above is by Joe Parks, "Super Bowl XLIX," found on Flickr.  Used under a Creative Commons license.