But no... Patriots win

That's got to be one of the most heartbreaking losses ever!  The Seahawks were within a few yards of the goal with plenty of time to score and a few timeouts left.  They went with a pass play instead of running the ball, and New England intercepted with 20 seconds to go.  End of game!!!


What about this chart, then?  The likeliest explanation is that the chart couldn't be relied upon with the odds so even.  But if we assume that Seattle were favorites, then I think the explanation for their loss is antiscion Mars inside the fourth cusp, applying to oppose Uranus.  That was the recipe for an upset--something to keep in mind for future games. 

Goodnight, then, sports fans!  I'll be back in March to predict the NCAA Men's Basketball final.  See you back here then.  Thanks for checking in!