Horary shows Walker winning

Today is Election Day, and here in Wisconsin Republican Scott Walker hopes to keep his job as governor for another four years.  Just two years ago he won an unprecedented recall election against Democratic challenger Tom Barrett, Milwaukee’s mayor.  Today he faces Madison businesswoman Mary Burke.

“Will Walker retain the governorship?”

November 4, 2014, 4:52 pm CST Milwaukee, WI; 18.49 Taurus Asc.


Querent is more indifferent than not in this contest: not a true supporter of either candidate.  In such situations the current officeholder gets tenth house and its lord as the ‘reigning King’; the challenger gets the fourth house and its lord.  Thus, Walker is signified by Saturn (ruler of Capricorn, sign on cusp 10) and Burke is signified by Moon (ruler of Cancer, sign on cusp 4).


This is a straightforward chart to judge.  Saturn, representing Walker, is in fixed-sign Scorpio and strongly placed in the angular seventh house: He’s not going anywhere.  We would need an awfully strong challenger and some clear positive testimonies to judge otherwise.


Normally in election horaries we use the Moon to show us who the people favor and how the action will flow.  If Moon’s next aspect is to a planet signifying one of the candidates, that candidate wins.  Here, though, Burke gets the Moon because Moon is Lord 4. 


What condition is the Moon in?  It’s in mid-Aries where it has no essential dignity, though essential dignity is not a key factor in this type of horary.  More importantly, Moon is weakly placed in the twelfth house.  The South Node is nearby, three degrees ahead; Moon moves right to it.  This is definitely a negative testimony because the South Node diminishes.  Weakly placed and diminished by the South Node, the Moon doesn’t have any real chance in this contest.


By all reports turnout was high today.  If this election is like others with high turnout, official results may not be available until the morning.  But I’m afraid Ms. Burke will be giving a concession speech tonight.



Photo Credit: By Gage Skidmore, "Scott Walker" (Flickr: CC)