Venus has no friends here

I noticed something about yesterday’s New Moon chart that’s worth a little discussion, from the standpoint of essential dignity and reception.  Maybe you noticed, too?


I'm looking at the chart set for my location (below).  Libra rises, making Venus the Lord Ascendant.

Take a look at Venus.  She’s at 16 Leo, where she has a little bit of dignity (term); not much, but better than nothing.


Now, take a look at the other six planets.  How do they feel about Venus?


Jupiter in Leo has no feelings about Venus one way or the other. But Sun and Moon, along with their dispositor, Mercury, are in the fall of Venus: disappointed in her, we could say.  Or really can’t stand her, in some exaggerated way.  Mars and Saturn, conjunct in Mars’ sign of Scorpio, hate her outright.  Venus has not a single friend in this chart!


And, oh no:  Venus applies immediately to square the Mars-Saturn conjunction.  Ouch!!  Not only does she have no supporters, but she takes a direct hit from the lesser and greater malefic planets at the same time, taking her into detriment.


Moon’s going to take a hit from Mars and Saturn, too.  Moon is moving to conjunct its highly dignified dispositor, Mercury, in about 15 degrees.  But just as it does, Moon also sextiles Mars and Saturn, both of which take it into fall.


Interesting, isn't it?  Just a fun exercise, and good practice, taking a chart like this and making note of influences and alliances among the planetary players.


The photo above is "Venus" by Carlos 90, used under a Creative Commons license from Flickr: