Nope! UConn wins

Well, I got it wrong.  Getting it wrong is fine as long as we learn something for next time. So let's take another look at this sports event chart now that the outcome is known.

Here's one mistake I made, and I think this might explain things. When the Moon plays two roles, we have to determine which role is more important. In a sports event chart Moon as the flow of action is more important than its role as Lord 10 or Lord 4. I forgot this point when making my prediction tonight.  


So let's take the same testimony, Moon to antiscion Fortuna. As the flow of action, Moon moving to Fortuna is showing the win going to somebody: UConn. Who does Fortuna 'belong to' in this chart? Fortuna's dispositor is Saturn, Lord 4, UConn's prize.


 This is my best explanation for now.  I'll check the textbook when I get home and write an addendum if I find anything else.


 Thanks for checking in, and good night folks!




It's me again, dear reader. Having reviewed the relevant chapter in Sports Astrology, I think there was one testimony in favor of a Kentucky win in the chart, but not the one I identified. Moon just inside the 10th house should have been testimony for Kentucky. Moon moving to trine antiscion Fortuna is likely important, but I can't identify exactly why. I don't think Fortuna disposing to Saturn is necessarily key: it's simply all I could come up with immediately after the game last night. It's possible that Fortuna's bodily placement in the fourth house is important, following the rule we usually apply in horary astrology of "Keep it simple"; although according to the text this is not something we look at, focusing instead on where antiscion Fortuna falls in the chart.

Overall I'd have to say this one is a mystery to me, as sometimes these sports event charts are.


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