Badgers' loss to Kentucky

On the evening of Saturday, March 29 my university alma mater sports team, the Wisconsin Badgers, won a spectacular game in the final seconds against Arizona to advance to the NCAA Final Four in men’s basketball. The game was a nail-biter, the win an absolute thrill.  Wisconsin hadn’t been to the Final Four since 2000!  This was a very big deal and we Badger fans—along with the entire state of Wisconsin—really hoped the team would reach the championship game with a win against perennial powerhouse Kentucky last night.

*Sigh*. Not meant to be, at least not this year: the Badgers lost to Kentucky in another spectacular one-point game determined in the final seconds, just like last week’s game, but this time the Badgers were on the losing end. The loss was heartbreaking, as all such losses are for the teams that don’t make it.


I don’t own a TV so I was following the game online via a ‘live blog’, reading a sportswriter’s updates every few seconds. This minimized the impact of the loss for me because I couldn’t see what was going on. Had I been watching in those final minutes I surely would have been shouting, covering my eyes and holding my breath as I usually do in such situations.


The loss did not surprise me entirely. I had predicted it a week ago using horary astrology. I’d never have shared that ahead of time given how important the game was to friends and family, and of course I hoped my analysis might be wrong. But no, the chart is clear. Now that it’s all over, let’s take a look.


“Will the Badgers win next game and reach finals?” March 30, 2014, 9:46 a.m. CDT, Monroe, Wisconsin. 13 Gemini Asc (chart below; click to enlarge).


Badgers are my team, hence 1st house and its ruler, Mercury. Kentucky is 7th house and its ruler, Jupiter, as our rivals. Badgers also get 10th house and Kentucky the 4th, representing their prospective wins.


Notice that Lord 1, Mercury, is in detriment/fall and in the sign of Lord 7, in the latter’s power. Not good. Lord 7, Jupiter, is exalted. Really not good. To top it off, Kentucky’s win—Lord 4, the Sun—is also super-strong and the Moon, as the flow of action, is moving right to it, showing the victory going directly to Kentucky.


I wanted to find some reason that the Badgers might win. Accidental dignity is often more important than essential dignity in sports horaries. Both planets are in houses considered neutral, so there’s no possible advantage there. There’s really nothing to suggest a Badger victory in this chart.


In fact, I might have expected a rout. Mercury is in such bad shape essentially and in Jupiter’s power, with Jupiter so strong in exaltation. I certainly couldn’t have predicted a loss in the final seconds by one shot going in (Kentucky) and a final one missing (Wisconsin). But in the end, a loss is a loss, and this chart shows it.


Tomorrow night, April 7, I will predict the championship game using a sports event chart, as I have done in past years. If this interests you, please tune in!



Above Photo By Richard Hurd, "Kohl Center, Madison, WI" (Flickr: CC)