A clear and simple horary

Sometimes horary provides the answer to a question in the simplest possible fashion. In fact, the more I practice horary, the more this seems to be so. There is a beauty in this simplicity that I’ve come to appreciate very much.


Here’s one such chart. We can reach judgment one of two ways and each of them is straightforward, but I think the first—the simplest—is all we need. 

The question is mine. I had applied for a funded seat for my daughter at her private school. She has been a student there she was five, but this application was for a funded seat, much needed due to current economic circumstances. That morning I remembered it was the deadline for applications. I knew it was possible others had applied for the seat and that it might come down to a lottery. I was worried about the consequences of not getting chosen and so asked, “Will M get the Choice spot?” (‘Choice’ being the informal name of the funding program involved). March 20, 2014, 7:55 am CDT, Milwaukee, WI; 24 Aries Asc.  The chart appears below (click to enlarge).


So, what are we looking for? Essentially the question involves government funds (Lord 11), my daughter (Lord 5), and me (Lord 1 and Moon), so let’s take a look at these.


Look at Lord 5, the Sun: It’s about to move into exaltation, a big improvement. Daughter’s condition, in the context of this particular question, is about to change for the better. This alone gives us the answer: Yes, she’ll get the spot!


Notice that the chart also shows the Moon moving directly to conjunct Saturn, Lord 11. This is the other testimony, showing me (as Moon) connecting with the government funding (Saturn). The reception is bad (Saturn takes Moon into fall) but both are in a Mars sign, Mars being me, so maybe it doesn’t matter. I had no sense of disappointment or anything similar here. Or, perhaps Moon is simply showing the flow of action. Also note that Mars (me) and Saturn (the funds) are in mutual reception. I want the funding and the funding ‘wants’ me. Even though the two do not join by aspect, I see this as confirming testimony for Yes.


The main point, though, is that Lord 5’s immediate improvement in condition is all we need for the answer.


That afternoon I called the school and was told it was looking good, but they couldn’t tell me for sure yet. The next morning I received the definitive answer of ‘Yes, she’s got the seat.’  (Hurray, and thank God!)  Although I didn’t ask for timing, a sense of timing is built into the question because I knew it was the deadline day and I’d find out soon. Sun’s immediate move into exaltation (less than a degree) is showing that the answer is imminent.


Isn’t it beautiful? The true marvel of horary is that we can even answer such questions in the first place, a fact worthy of our contemplation and appreciation.