...and the Seahawks win big!

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks on their big win over the Denver Broncos in tonight's Super Bowl game!


This is a great chart, as it turns out:  A textbook example of a clear, major testimony that tells the whole story.

The chart appears below (click to enlarge). The Broncos were favored, so they get the 1st house and its lord, Mercury. The Seattle Seahawks get the 7th house and its lord, Jupiter. We could involve the 10th and 4th houses, but we don't even need to in this case.


Look where Lord 1, Mercury, is: right inside the 7th house. This tells us that the Seahawks will be in control of the Broncos. And so it proved! Uncharacteristically, the Broncos could get nothing going in this game. Seattle dominated from start to finish, winning with a final blow-out score of 43-8.


If you like sports astrology, tune in here again for the NCAA championship game in late March or early April. Bye for now!


Photo Credit: Anthony Quintano, "Seahawks_win_Super_Bowl_XLVIII" (Flickr: CC)