Ted Kennedy - Final Passage

We finish up the natal series on Ted Kennedy with a look at the testimonies in progressions and returns for his death on August 25, 2009.


As a reminder, we start with progressions and focus on progressed Asc, MC, Sun, Moon, Fortuna, and Spirit to start, comparing these points against the radix to see what the progressions pick up on. The progression is not a chart, per se, so it is not included in the gallery below. You can cast it using your astro-software, progressing Mr. Kennedy's natal chart to January 1, 2009.

Progressed Moon, 26 Gem, begins calendar 2009 in close square to the natal lunar nodes (26 Pisces/Virgo) and to progressed Spirit (26 Pisces), putting ‘me’ in a major spotlight, in a crux position.  Squares show tension that must resolve in one way or another. Progressed Fortuna will also square the natal nodal axis this year. Progressed Moon applies to sextile progressed Mars at 27 Aries, which in turn opposes natal Sun by antiscion. Mars making contact with both lights is a significant testimony that catches our attention in this context.


Mr. Kennedy’s final Solar Return falls on Feb 20, 2009; 6 Libra Asc (Chart 2 below). Note that SR Lord 1, Venus, is setting by primary motion, something we often see with death and other major endings. SR Saturn,19 Virgo, is close to this Venus by antiscion and falls exactly on natal arc Fortuna (10 Aries). This SR MC picks up natal Spirit (6 Cancer), putting Mr. Kennedy’s ‘super-Sun’ in a major spotlight. SR Neptune, 24 Aquarius, falls within a degree of the natal MC by antiscion. I have learned to pay attention to fixed-star-like Neptune. I check the other outer planets, too, but Neptune seems to figure strongly in some of the charts I’ve studied to date.


The Lunar Return for the month of death (August 2009, 19 Pisces Asc; Chart 3 below) shows what I consider 'textbook' testimonies of death. The Sun is heading out of major dignity by sign--which of course it always does this time of year--but it is also moving into the Moon, the non-moving point in a lunar return. This signifies the end of a cycle. The Sun here is also destructive in direct contact with the Moon. Saturn, natal Lord Asc and Lord of the Geniture, is in the setting position at the Dsc here. Natal Saturn’s antiscion, 0 Sagittarius, falls on this LR cusp nine, ‘the long voyage home’. Seen as natural significator of death, Saturn conjuncts natal arc Fortuna, ‘me’. Fixed star Aculeus, the sting of the Scorpion, is on the LR MC.


Cast from the 2009 Solar Return, the Derived Lunar Return for the August 2009 (10 Sagittarius Asc; Chart 4 below) provides further confirming testimonies. DLR Moon, Lord 8, falls on the Asc by antiscion. Considering the Moon as ‘me’, note that it is in mundane conjunction with natal Mars (as natural malefic). DLR Mars at 15 Gemini is conjunct natal arc Fortuna and natal Fortuna by antiscion. DLR cusp nine, 14 Cancer, picks up natal Fortuna and therefore antiscion DLR Mars as well. Natal arc Spirit at 6 Gemini squares the important natal Moon-Neptune conjunction at 6 Virgo. DLR Saturn, 19 Virgo, trines the DLR Asc and squares the natal Asc/Dsc axis, both by antiscion.


With a major event such as death, a single testimony is never enough: we need to see many, all repeating a similar theme. As I learned in my formal natal studies, the stars usually are not subtle when they want to get their point across. They will repeat themselves to get our attention, once we know what to look for.



Above Photo By Ben Schumin - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=8461496