This song’s title gives us a good excuse for a quick review of the fixed stars known as ROYAL. Here is the list, along with each star’s current location within the tropical zodiac--rounded, because we don’t need to be exactly precise:

Aldebaran (10 Gemini)

Pollux (23 Cancer)

Regulus (0 Virgo)

Spica (24 Libra)

Lucida Lancis, aka South Scale (15 Scorpio)

Antares (10 Sagittarius)


Why are these six considered ‘royal’? Because they fall on the ecliptic, the Sun’s path across the sky from our viewpoint here on earth--the only viewpoint we’ll ever have, unless we happen to be employed as astronauts. The Sun is the natural significator of kings. Of these six, five are first magnitude stars, so very bright as well. You will find these stars prominent in the birth charts of kings and other world rulers, such as presidents and prime ministers—something we intend to show you over time here in The Sun’s Joy.


Three of these—Aldebaran, Regulus, and Antares—along with a fourth, Fomalhaut, were the stars that thousands of years ago marked the change of seasons for the ancient Persians; hence the ‘Royal Stars of Persia,’ as they have been called. Fomalhaut is not a royal star in the same sense as the six above, though. It was the star that marked the Winter Solstice and as such is associated with the birth of Christ, a different kind of King.


Just for fun, here is 'Royals' by teenage singing sensation Lorde of New Zealand—just in case you haven’t heard it a hundred thousand times already :) It is clever and fun. Enjoy!



Above Photo of Lourde By Kirk Stauffer - Own work CC3.0 (Wikipedia)