Where's my phone?

Here’s a great chart:  A lost object horary that is beautifully simple and worked perfectly to locate my missing phone in record time.  It's a fine example of how easy and efficient horary can be!

I'd just reviewed the points of judgment for this type of horary with one of my students, so the rules were fresh in my mind--especially a few that I'd forgotten since first learning horary myself. One, remember to consider the natural significator of the object, especially if the chart seems to be drawing your attention right to it. Two, the significator on an angle can mean ‘close at hand’ and increases the chances of recovery. (Please see John Frawley's The Horary Textbook, page 148, for both points.)


I was at the day-job yesterday and had my cell phone with me. It’s a dumb phone, as I like to joke, because it doesn’t do all the fancy stuff. Anyway, when I got home I realized it was missing. Hmm. Did I leave it in the car? No, not there. Was it on one of the tables where stuff tends to get tossed at home? Nope, not there either. Okay, it must be at work still; I’ll check when I’m back there tomorrow.


So this morning I arrive at work, but guess what? No phone within sight! I thought, “What the heck--where could I have put it?” I’m usually pretty good about keeping things like keys and the phone within my awareness, but nothing came to mind. Time for a horary!


As I went to the computer I thought to myself (although this was premature, really), “Never mind Lord 2 vs. Lord 4; the phone is Mercury. Just look for Mercury.”


“Where’s my phone?” 22 Sep 2013, 8:21 a.m., Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. 18 Libra Asc (chart below).


And lo, there was Mercury, right near the Asc! I thought, “Oh, good, it’s really close by!” I was sitting at my desk, which has various drawers. Then I remembered: when moving an armful of stuff from one room to the next yesterday I’d stuck the phone in the front pocket of a binder that I don’t normally use. That binder lives in the desk-drawer to my right. And sure enough: there was the phone, in the righthand drawer, in the pocket of the binder, exactly where I'd put it. Time of recovery: about three seconds!


Now, isn’t that just fun?! I found the phone, and I witnessed the marvels of horary astrology once again in the process.


Above Photo by Alexander Lyubavin, "Phone" (Flickr: CC)