Ted Kennedy - Election to Senate (1962)

Ted Kennedy was first elected US Senator from Massachusetts on November 6, 1962 at the age of 30. Fourty-four years later he would be elected to his eighth term, serving a total of 47 years in the Senate by the time of his death in 2009.


What might we expect to see in Mr. Kennedy’s charts for this first career achievement? Along with the lights or super-lights, surely Lord 10 Mars will be involved in some way. Jupiter in its role as natural significator of statesmen might also speak up: Senators are the noblemen of Congress, serving for six rather than four years and generally holding more stature than Representatives.

The relevant charts (minus the progression, which is not a chart per se) appear in the gallery below; click to enlarge.


Progression to Jan 1, 1962 offers a few testimonies to mark the occasion. Career elevations can be signaled by planets crossing over important fixed stars, especially royal stars, and here this happens twice:

  • Progressed Moon begins the year at 12 Libra and will cross royal star Spica this year;
  • Progressed Part of Spirit begins the year at 6 Leo and will reach royal star Pollux, 23 Cancer, by year's end.

Progressed Venus (natal Lord 4/9) and Jupiter (natal Lord 11/12) are conjunct by antiscion, although it’s not clear that this is relevant.  Saturn is involved twice, both times unpleasant: Progressed Spirit will oppose prog Saturn on its way back into Cancer, and Progressed Sun sextiles prog Saturn with negative mutual reception (Sun in Saturn’s fall, Saturn in Sun’s detriment). Perhaps this signifies the limitations inherent in accepting public office and the burdens which inevitably result.


Solar Return 1962; 8 Gemini Asc


Mars is in the cosmic spotlight conjunct the MC of this chart. SR Lord Asc, Mercury, is also elevated. The SR Ascendant itself falls on Aldebaran, marker of new beginnings. Moon at 25 Virgo is conjunct natal South Node: private ‘me’ is diminished even as public ‘me’ is elevated.


Lunar Return October 23 1962; 20 Sag Asc


The LR reveals three major testimonies of career elevation. Sun at 29 Libra is about to move out of fall: moving up. LR Mars, natal Lord 10, is conjunct the North Node in this chart: increase. It has recently opposed Saturn (natal Lord Asc) with negative reception, showing us again that election to public office has its down side. LR Lord Asc, Jupiter, falls on natal Sun at 2 Pisces. It has been in Pisces for a while, so this early degree is significant only because it picks up the Sun. This is the Jupiter testimony we thought we might see: ‘me’ undergoes a major expansion through career advancement.


Derived Lunar Return October 25, 1962 (cast from the 1962 Solar Return); 25 Leo Asc


A few of the testimonies repeat here, as it is only a few days away from the lunar return above. Sun is newly out of fall at 1 Scorpio.  Natal arc Fortuna at 29.32 Aquarius falls on natal Mars (27.50 Aquarius).


Next up, 1980: the year Ted Kennedy makes his only run for the presidency.


Above Photo: Public Domain, httpscommons.wikimedia.orgwindex.phpcurid=1454600