The Dolphin in the Sun

What's in a logo?  


When I first took on the task of creating a website several years ago, I knew I wanted a logo—something visual to represent my astrology practice in the online world.  Luckily, one of my artist-friends, Mandana, was willing and able to work with me on this project.  I love what she created! Here’s some of the thinking that went into the design of the logo you see above.

One seed thought was the phrase ‘joy of the sun’ (which later morphed into my blog title, ‘The Sun’s Joy’). Each planet in astrology has one house where it is especially well placed, according to its nature and significations.  For the Sun, this is the ninth house.  My natal Sun is placed there.  It’s no surprise, then, that higher learning has been a life-long focus for me.  I’m always studying something, and I love to teach. Religion and spiritual matters comprise another central pillar in my life.


The idea of ‘joy’ also refers to my enduring passion for astrology--going on 30 years now, with no end in sight :) The hours fly by when I do this work, and I’m always eager for more.  


I knew, then, that I wanted both ‘sun’ and ‘joy’ to be incorporated into the logo somehow.


You may wonder, why the dolphin?  This animal is an age-old symbol of joy.  I have a natural love for these playful, elegant, and communicative creatures.  Maybe I like them so well because they always seem to be smiling, or for their graceful acrobatics, or for the lore about their sensitivity to and connection with us humans.  There’s also an association with divination via the root word, δελφύς (delphus), calling to mind the oracle at Delphi.


Dolphins are mammals, like us, yet they are water-dwellers.  Water in astrology signifies our desires and emotions.  So overwhelming these can be at times!  But water is the dolphin’s habitat.  They glide through it with ease; they’re at home in the deep.  I admire that! :) With a water Ascendant and Moon, I wanted to include some kind of water symbol in the logo as well.


Best of all, the dolphin is a symbol of the Christ.  Putting the dolphin at the center serves as a reminder that Christ is at heart of this work, where He rightly belongs.


I like that the dolphin suggests all of these meanings, and that dolphins seem universally well-loved.


My wish is that we might all find the things that fill our hearts with joy, and make plenty of room for them in our lives!


May the long-time Sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you guide you on your way.

~Old Gaelic blessing


PHOTO CREDIT: By myself (User: Piotrus) - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,