Missing Purse, Take Two!

Since I last posted on the missing purse, another of my dear colleagues, Fotini, has written me with a different take on the question.  I find her judgment persuasive, so I am sharing it here to stimulate further thought and learning on the subject.  The post-mortem continues with Missing Purse, Take Two!

Briefly, here's Fotini's judgment:  Moon has recently separated from square with Venus (Lord 3, my sister).  This must be important: what is it saying?  It is telling us that the purse has already turned up.  Sister already has it back; the news has just not reached me yet.  A strongly dignified Moon is applying to sextile Sun (me), with positive reception (Sun in Moon's sign); I'll soon get the good news.


Thinking about it, this makes sense.  What I like about this judgment is that it pays attention to the last aspect Moon has made, which rightly draws our attention--especially as the Moon's next contact is with the Sun (Lord 1).  This just-past contact must mean something, so we are right to consider its meaning in context.  This interpretation--'purse has already turned up'--is logical and possible within the reality of the situation.


The other thing I like about this is that it doesn't require the use of Fortuna, which is an option of last resort (see The Horary Textbook, page 148).  When the planets themselves can provide the answer, we need look no further.


Thank you, Fotini!  Please visit her website to learn more about her and her work:  http://www.thehorarycraftsman.com/home/


Above Photo by Sheesalt, "Inside My Bag" (Flickr: CC)