Will sister's purse turn up?

Here's a missing-object horary, fresh off the press today!  "Will my sister's purse turn up?"  It did, about an hour after I asked the question and contrary to my doubts.  Reviewing horaries after the fact is a good way to learn how charts communicate their answers to us.

Here's the data for the chart, which appears below: July 2, 2013, 9:11 a.m., Wauwatosa, WI; 25.40 Leo Asc.


Context:  My sister is in the hospital post-surgery.  Sometime between going into surgery and waking up in recovery, her purse went missing.  In it were the usual valuables--cash, bank cards, driver's license, insurance info, and so forth.  Staff looked everywhere, hospital security was notified, a report was filed, staff looked again, etc.  No purse to be found.  This morning the issue of the missing purse was weighing on my mind as I made some calls and pondered how this additional stressor might affect my sister.


I processed the chart in the usual way.  (For instructions in judging this type of horary, please refer to John Frawley's The Horary Textbook, pp. 146-148 especially.)  I was learning towards Mars as significator of the purse, Mars being Lord 4, second from the third house of my siblings.  But there was no upcoming aspect between Mars and my sister's planet, Venus (Lord 3), nor between Mars and the Moon as natural ruler of lost objects.  Moon was applying to sextile Lord 1, Sun, but I didn't see why that should matter (Lord 1 being me).  Mars applying to conjunct Fortuna seemed positive generally, but I doubted this; Fortuna is querent's treasure, and the purse wasn't mine.  I thought: well, probably not, and put the chart down.


About an hour later, I received a call from my nephew telling me the purse had been found and was back in my sister's possession.  Hey, good news--and so quickly!


I picked up the chart again to study it, and decided to email a few colleagues for their input.  Molly and Marcos were able to pipe in quickly with their opinions.


Long story short, we all agreed after a bit of dialogue that Mars applying to conjunct Fortuna, in the absence of any other aspects and fortunately placed in the eleventh house, was this chart's way of saying, "Yes, the purse will be found"--especially, as Marcos reminded us, with both lights above the earth.  It also seems positive that the two lights are coming to sextile.  Maybe Moon sextile Sun is showing the good news reaching me?  Oblique, perhaps, but if I were to see this again I would consider it a positive testimony.  Many thanks to Molly (www.mollymorrissey.com) and Marcos (http://beachastrologer.blogspot.com) for their on-the-spot input!


If the gentle reader has any comments or questions, please direct them to me using the "Contact" form on my website.  I'm not a fan of public comments when it comes to learning astrology, but sincere dialogue in private correspondence is always welcome.


Photo Credit: Pixabay (CC0)