Margaret Thatcher - Marriage

In this natal study we will look at major events in the life of Margaret Thatcher to see how the astrology shows us what is happening.  We'll start with her marriage in late 1951 and continue with the birth of her twins in 1953, election to Parliament in 1959, becoming Prime Minister in 1979, and her resignation in 1990.

My source is for the dates is “Milestones in the life of Margaret Thatcher” from the Associated Press (  Mrs. Thatcher’s natal is Chart 1 in the image gallery below.


December 13, 1951: "Marries wealthy oil executive Denis Thatcher"

Progression to Jan 1, 1951 (chart not shown)


Progression  to Jan 1, 1951 shows progressed Asc at 2.40 Sagittarius, tightly conjunct natal Venus, natal Lord 7:  Seventh house matters are on the front burner this year.  Progressed MC is 0.39 Libra, newly ruled by Venus.  Progressed Fortuna (‘Super-Moon’) begins the year at 21 Leo; traveling about 12 degrees in a year’s time, it will cross natal Moon this year.  This is like a double-helping of Moon stuff, which is both ‘me’ and natural significator of emotions, appropriately emphasized at the time of marriage.


We have a double Sun testimony as well, with progressed Part of Spirit (‘Super-Sun’) at 13 Pisces crossing antiscion natal Sun at 10 Pisces this year.  (Recall that Part of Spirit moves backwards as it progresses.)  Sun could signify ‘me,’ but could also be signifying ‘important male’ here.


Finally, Venus itself has just progressed into Capricorn, where it gains triplicity.  Immediate changes in essential dignity are important to note and are usually telling us something important.  Here, Venus matters are improving as Miss becomes Mrs.


Solar Return Oct 13, 1951, 3 Pisces Asc (Chart 2 below)


Notice that the Asc/Dsc axis here mirrors the natal MC/IC (with SR Asc on the natal IC).  Right away this tells us something important is taking place involving first and seventh house matters.


The Sun is very tightly conjunct both Mercury and (as a fixed-star-like-object) Neptune.  Mercury is Solar Return Lord 7, showing us a perfect picture of Lord 7 and ‘me’ coming together.  This is a powerful event, with the Earthshaker involved!  SR Mars falls on this Dsc and the natal MC, putting it in a big spotlight.  SR Venus is also spot-lit conjunct the SR nodes--at the South Node end, though, which seems incongruent with what we assume is a happy event.  It doesn’t matter here that Venus is in Virgo (sign of her fall), because this has not just happened.  We only pay attention to essential dignities when there has been an immediate shift, or one is coming up.


Moon and Jupiter are conjunct here, picking up the natal fifth cusp along with antiscion natal Fortuna.  Moon is SR Lord 7 as well as another symbol of ‘me’.  Jupiter here could be playing its role as natural benefic, or it could be SR Lord 1 (another ‘me’) or even yet, natal Lord 2, given that wealth came with the marriage.  SR Jupiter is applying to oppose SR Saturn here, but I won’t speculate as to the meaning of this.


Lunar Return Nov 21, 1951, 26 Cancer Asc (Chart 3 below)


Here’s the chart for the month of marriage.  The LR nodal axis picks up the natal MC/IC here (with SN at MC): important time.  SR Lord 7 is Saturn, closely conjunct Venus, natal Lord 7 and natural significator of the marriage.  Mars, natal Lord 1, is angular here at the IC.  The bottom of the chart in some contexts is a bad place to be, but perhaps here it simply means settling down and establishing a household.  This Dsc also picks up the antiscion of natal Venus (27 Capricorn).


Derived Lunar Return Dec 7, 1951, 0 Scorpio Asc (Chart 4 below)


This is a lunar return cast from the Oct 1951 Solar Return.  Moon is in the position it held in that SR rather than its natal position.  Jupiter is very close to where it was in the SR, having just turned direct on Nov 30.  This date is not too far from the November LR, so the nodes are even closer to the MC/IC than they were in that chart.


In this return, Mars (natal Lord 1) is close to its natal position:  Important stuff for ‘me’ is taking place.


Venus is at 29 Libra, about to lose major dignity--a bit surprising if we assume that the marriage is a happy event.  Perhaps this simply signifies a Venus matter coming to fruition while Venus still has major dignity.  Venus is DLR Lord 7 and is sextile natal Moon, although separated from it by a degree.




In the next post, we’ll examine the charts for the birth of Margaret Thatcher’s twins in 1953.



Photo Credit: The photo above is from The Daily Mail (UK), cropped by me.