I practice traditional methods of astrology as taught by renowned astrologer John Frawley.  I trained under Mr. Frawley, earning his Horary Craftsman and Craftsman Astrologer diplomas (2005, 2012).


Astrology serves as a mirror through which we may examine reality in order to better understand ourselves and our world ("as above, so below").  Traditional methods allow us to analyze and predict events with great accuracy and insight.


I consider myself part of a movement of astrologers carrying on the living tradition and helping to develop it through their own work.  I envision a time when knowledge of traditional methods is at the center of the astrological world rather than its periphery.


The centerpiece of my work is my blog, The Sun's Joy.  I love writing about astrology!  I've also written an FAQ of sorts about traditional methods, which you can find here, or by following the link on the left.

"Horary Examples" now available in print!

"Horary Examples" is a collection of detailed, step-by-step explanations of horary judgments on a wide range of subjects, inspired and brought to fruition by editor Dave Menconi. I am one of the contributing authors, along with my teacher, John Frawley, and four of my colleagues.  I was honored to write the Introduction and the Glossary as well.  For a preview of my examples, along with a link to purchase the book, click here.